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Modern Complexes: Safe Haven for Senior Citizens

Posted by on 5 March, 2021

The changing scenario of the country has resulted in sprouting nuclear families. Amidst this, significant concern has risen over the safety and security of elderly members and the children of their families. Upcoming residences provide numerous facilities for emerging nuclear families, children and senior citizens. However, it is essential to delve deep into the thought … Continue reading Modern Complexes: Safe Haven for Senior Citizens

Location VS Size

Posted by on 23 February, 2021

If you are confused about this when you are buying a home, read on to arrive at a prudent decision… Whenever we think of purchasing a house, we are struck by a pressing question: is size or location more important? With both factors being equally crucial, there is no definitive answer for this. Both are … Continue reading Location VS Size

Determinants of Property Valuation

Posted by on 15 February, 2021

The real estate sector in our country is always dependent on fundamental factors like demographics, interest rates, location and the condition of the economy. Incisive insights vis-à-vis the best time for purchasing homes or offices, price escalations, recessionary phases and other indicators have an overbearing influence on our purchasing decisions. Let’s enumerate some of the … Continue reading Determinants of Property Valuation

Realty predictions for 2021

Posted by on 1 February, 2021

The real estate outlook for 2021 is positive, and the sector is poised to be one of the critical drivers to revive the flagging economy in the country. After a genuinely challenging 2020, the real estate sector is infused with hope and renewed vigour as we step into the early part of 2021. The winds … Continue reading Realty predictions for 2021