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Energize your Home.

Posted by on 22 February, 2020


What if following a few principles and moving a few things around rejuvenated your life? Welcome to the world of Feng Shui. This 3,000-year-old Chinese tradition and concept essentially involves attracting the five ancient elements namely, fire, water, air, earth and space. Etymologically, the word translates to air and water – when used in combination, the science promotes harmony between us and the environment where we

Feng Shui for Home
This science is not about transforming the structure of a house but essentially about making our homes evolve with us. Though nearly imperceptible, these small tweaks can apparently have a profound effect on our daily lives. Below are some simple, actionable tips on how to incorporate this ancient philosophy in our homes and improve the quality of our lives.
a) Plants for Luck
The south and south-east areas of homes are dedicated to growth. When one grows plants in these corners of their homes, it is supposed to enhance good luck and progress in life. Feng Shui recommends growing the snake plant, lucky bamboo, potted orchids or jade plant.

b) Multi-gem Tree for Prosperity
The trunk of this tree is made of resin while its wired branches hold gems like amethyst, rose quartz, obsidian, aventurine, citrine and agate – all of which are supposed harbingers of prosperity. The south-west corner of your home is the best place to place this multi-gem tree. Versatile in its function, this tree boosts educational luck when placed in the in the northeast corner of the bedroom of a student and helps strengthen family bonding when placed in the living room.

c) Coins for Wealth
Three or more Feng Shui coins tied together with red ribbons are supposed to bring wealth to your homes. Place these coins in the inside of your front door or keep it close to where you store your financial documents.

d) The Laughing Buddha for Fortune
Traditionally, an old monk who lived in the 10 th century in China was known to be loving and benevolent. This monk later came to be known as the Laughing Buddha. Keeping this at your home is supposed to bring you overall luck and fortune. Place him in the south-east direction and discover great health and fortune knocking on your doors.

e) Flowing Water for Health
One should install a painting that depicts flowing water. This would mean incoming good health, wealth and prosperity.

f) Dragon Turtle for Long Life
In Chinese mythology, dragons are considered to be the sign of courage and good luck, while the turtle is symbolic of longevity. Dragons and turtles both being celestial animals, the combined forces of these two creatures blesses the home with all things good. It is recommended to install this mural to the main front door to protect the members of the family.

g) Wind Chimes for Good Vibes
These chimes deliver good vibes to the home in general – hang them near your window or gate to reap the benefits. Most pertinent areas include the eastern, south-eastern or southern corner of your living abode.

In addition to the above, Feng Shui principles also advocate that one should keep their home decluttered to improve clarity of thoughts. The main door at the entrance of the house should be strong and not creak – it is after all, the main portal through which energy enters the home. One can also have fish as pets in aquariums to attract positive energy.

So let’s invite the good vibes home!