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India shining bright on the Global Real-Estate Index!

Posted by on 19 September, 2020

The Indian real estate industry has witnessed a silver lining amid this period of gloom concerning the pandemic.  Our country now ranks 34th as per the biennial Global Real Estate Transparency Index (GRETI) that was announced recently by global real estate service firm Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). This improved ranking can be attributed to regulatory … Continue reading India shining bright on the Global Real-Estate Index!

Home loan tax benefits for homebuyers

Posted by on 5 September, 2020

While buying a property is no mean task, another decision that compounds the dilemma for home buyers is whether to opt for a ready-to-move house or an under-construction one. While there are pros and cons for both, the eventual choice will depend on what exactly the buyer is looking for vis-à-vis factors like the location, … Continue reading Home loan tax benefits for homebuyers

Shortlisting your home

Posted by on 3 September, 2020

In this age of “new normal’, when lifestyles are getting more and more automated, online websites are ruling the roost when it comes to the realm of real estate. The current trend indicates that more and more potential home buyers are reliant on these portals in the quest for their dream house. In fact, they … Continue reading Shortlisting your home

Home-care during the monsoons

Posted by on 1 September, 2020

The monsoon is finally here to save us from the oppressive summer heat.  But while it rains cats and dogs, we also need to adjust to the constant dampness all around. Our homes, especially, deserves special attention to stay free from cracking, ageing and leakage. In fact, this season can be a nightmare for our … Continue reading Home-care during the monsoons