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Guide to baby-proofing your home

Posted by on 23 November, 2020

The arrival of a baby is an occasion symbolizing the greatest joy. However, it will also imply that, as parents, you will have to get your house ready to ensure the safety of your kid. Especially after the child starts crawling, even the most innocuous objects in the house can seem like a potential threat … Continue reading Guide to baby-proofing your home

Home Loan Benefits for Women in India

Posted by on 18 November, 2020

Women today are making revolutionary career choices in their quest to be financially independent. They are no longer shying away from accomplishing significant milestones in life like buying a home for themselves or their families. Whether they are purchasing their dream residences independently or as a co-applicant with their spouse, they are entitled to some … Continue reading Home Loan Benefits for Women in India

Beautify your home!

Posted by on 6 November, 2020

Simple interior design tips to make your home look more spacious! We all desire to reside in a sprawling and expansive house. However, owing to factors like rising costs of property and scarcity of land, all of us are not always lucky to own a very large home. It is a known fact that small … Continue reading Beautify your home!

Emerging technology in Realty

Posted by on 30 October, 2020

The domain of the Indian real estate industry has witnessed a seismic transformation in these pandemic-ridden times. All significant property transactions have rapidly been digitized and led to myriad new possibilities for business. The advancement in online technology has ensured that all real estate services today are available under one roof, thereby making the process … Continue reading Emerging technology in Realty